Draft Plan released

News Release

The Nunavut Planning Commission (the Commission) has prepared and made public a Draft Nunavut Land Use Plan (DNLUP). The DNLUP is a first generation land use plan and as with all land use plans, it is a living document. Land use plans are improved and changed over time to ensure that the values and priorities of residents are current and to consider new information as it becomes available.

The Draft Plan provides an illustration of how the Nunavut Land Use Plan may guide and direct resource use and development, once approved. The Commission is using the Draft Plan to focus discussions with communities and other stakeholders, and encourages feedback from everyone to help make the plan better.

The Commission will host workshops on the DNLUP in every Nunavut municipality, as well as with communities in Northern Quebec and the Athabasca and Manitoba Denesuline. Additional workshops will be held with other planning partners.

Be Part of the Plan!

The Commission is inviting comments on the DNLUP from all interested parties, and will spend the next year gathering feedback. The DNLUP and the schedule for community visits are available on the Commission’s website www.nunavut.ca.

Following the community visits, all feedback on the DNLUP will be reviewed at a public hearing, final revisions will be made and the plan will be submitted to government for approval. Following approval, all project proposals must conform to the rules of the Plan.